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3 kinds of yellow meals to assist you solve constipation

one, corn Corn may be the health share of coarse grains, its fiber content material is higher, so the usage of corn diet program can stimulate peristalsis and accelerate fecal excretion is reduce blood lipids, dealing with constipation, beauty beauty, the very best meals to prevent colon most cancers. Corn has diuretic antihypertensive impact. Carrot higher amounts of vitamin A, can market the body's regular growth and replica, to prevent respiratory infections, safeguard vision, have anti-cancer impact. Recipe Advice: wolfberry multicolored corn soup Exercise: one, medlar washed soaked, pineapple, carrots, peeled, diced, corn, peas thoroughly clean. two, pot include some Botanical Slimming Gel drinking water, down into the corn, sweet peas cooked. 3, then include oatmeal to boil, pan, include pineapple tablets. two, pumpkin Pumpkin is Jianweixiaoshi learn, which consists of pectin can safeguard the gastrointestinal mucosa from tough meals stimulation, appropriate for folks with abdomen human intake. In addition, squash components also support digest meals. Recipe Advice: Pumpkin millet purple bean porridge System: Wash and reduce the previous pumpkin good, major, millet porridge scouring the online, when boiling include pumpkin, till cooked porridge. Efficacy: porridge may be the initially human health merchandise, quickly digested and absorbed, this porridge humidity 5 internal organs, qi and blood, specifically to the weak abdomen more mature. Some porridge Riga inside the exact same heat purple beans, can perform a heat abdomen impact. 3, sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes need to fill the abdomen, Qi Li, broad abdomen impact. Desirability of spleen and abdomen, Xingshou tiredness, spend significantly less diarrhea. Consume extra quickly bring about acid reflux disease heartburn, gastrointestinal flatulence. Suggested Recipe: candied sweet potatoes Components: five hundred g sweet potatoes Spices: sugar one hundred fifty grams, one hundred grams of drinking water, thirty grams of sesame oil, peanut oil one thousand grams Exercise: one sweet potato, peeled and reduce into items hob. two, Shaonei include peanut oil until ninety â„\x83, the sweet potato items into the oil fried golden brown colour when cooked to get rid of oil. 3 tablespoons brushing include drinking water, sugar, simmer with sugar, drinking water in the drinking water right into a major bubble vesicles; major bubble becomes sugar from sugar till thick discolored vesicles, pour the fried sweet potatoes in the spoon, Britain spoon, make sugar sweet potato on adhere entirely. four, pour sesame oil on plate, and serve it for the bowl of white drinking water, dipped to consume, it will not adhere tooth.

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